Unceasingly chasing after my dreams

Dear Self,

Where should I start?


I guess I should begin by saying…

The Lord God knows what you need”

He may not give to you yet, but please let us not give up on our dreams.

Take a rest.

But never cease to follow your dreams..

Your dream of working abroad is not a race that should be hurriedly chase.

It’s something that should be taken slow and surely.

And I am just glad that you did your best and took the first step.

Still, congratulations to you…

Whatever are your plans now.. Lay it all to God and keep quiet about it…

Let your success speak for itself…

London is just there waiting…

It may not be the right time yet.

But surely everything will fall into God’s perfect time.

And promise me, not to give up on your dreams.

Because one day, you’ll be old and regret looking back with the dreams you didn’t fought.

Right now…

Please know that you are blessed..

And that GOD is constantly providing you with the things you need now…

When you took your transition at work, you never expected to be employed yet look how God’s wander looks.

Fight for your dreams, Hanna and never give up.

Right now. Live in the moment.

And grow where you are planted.

And always, always…

Be Humble.

You have that dream because it’s there for a reason..

God intentionally place it in you…

He believes in your ability and patience…

And one day, if you just keep going and doing good…

He’ll hand it down to you…

And all the sour days of waiting will be the sweetest success you’ll ever have.

God is good and He knows the things that you need…

Like how He never leaves you during your tough times…

He is also there witj you every step you take towards your dream…

And take a moment to look back on your life…

Realized and see that GOD had helped you get through it all with flying colors.

Today, is just not the best time…

And HE knows when’s the right time…





Have faith on His plans.

Surrender all your dreams on His feet.

Be a gentle, lowly and quiet spirit.

And in all your days……

Trust on Him.

London, New Zealand or Australia….

One day you’ll write to me a letter and when that day will come you’re there already overlooking their majestic views.


Dream Catcher

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