RN diaries


What happened?

-Patient complains that the blood product was not consumed well.

What went wrong?

– ( To be honest now that they are bringing it up I’m not so sure of myself anymore… I feel like I’m beginning to believed there side ) –

What went right?

– It was a Night Shift and I remembered receiving the PRBC from the previous shift as a NH.

I was about to reinsert the BT site since the BT line was not infusing well but I was told by our charge nurse to get a Blood Pump instead. I went to two wards to look for it and when I finally have it I place it on the PRBC.

I remember not removing it from the blood pump when I was removing the BT line and replacing his iv line for heplock but deflated it instead.

I am certain that it was consumed.

Because I know that BT is good for 6 hours at maximum.

– The watchers of the patient was their to testify that I was constantly checking the patient and the BT line.

-If ever there are some residues it’s probably those that are sticking on the BT plastic IVF.

I was certain it was consumed because I can remember thinking to myself that this should be transfused well to the patient because of his low hgb level and finding a donor can be difficult.

– And on the first place the IV stand was on his head part it was quite tall so it would be difficult for him to really have a clear view of it… And his watchers were there, they knew I was constantly in checked… And if it weren’t really consumed they should be the first one to respond or react since I even asked for their assistance and they had a clearer view (for the older watcher rather)

– I went to check the patient the moment I was told about it… I could not be at ease knowing that that’s what he thought and discuss it with the patient and the two significant others. And I was there for a long time. I only hope he was convinced because I was certain and the two watchers were there to testify that it was not a failed act.

What would you do if it happened again?

  • Assess the situation well before any intervention

In this case prior to terminating the line I must assess it well.

“Nursing is hard for a novice and traumatic nurse like me”

Every duty please don’t think everything is a routine that you just act automatically.

Please be mindful of your task.

Especially with medications.

Do not be in a hurry.


√ Right Route (site, iv infusion set)

√Right Medication

√Right Patient

√Right Dosage

√Right Documentation

Manage Time Effectively

Most especially at times of sudden problems.

And most importantly…

Always do what is right.

And to do that….


Practice your licensed in a well-mannered and effective way.

My perceived weakness:

  • Unintentional Error – happens when I am not focus and mindful with my task but on other things (such as my anxiety and fear of committing a mistake)

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